“Friendly, caring environment. Great comprehensive exam. My first visit, and I feel very comfortable with the plan of care that was made for me. Dr. Back was great, as was the other staff! Everything was explained in terms I could understand. The office is beautiful, and when I walked in, I said to myself, “I probably won’t be able to afford this”, but was pleasantly surprised when I received my bill. I was given a written estimate of the cost of the plan of care which I think is reasonable. Thank you, Dr. Back and staff for a good dental experience!”

Delia Palmer

“Awesome dental practice in Sarasota, FL – My whole family goes here and we all love Dr. Back and her amazing team. A real training and experience in cosmetic dentistry is what sets this practice apart from the others in town. There are literally hundreds of dentists in Sarasota but if you want real results and a delicate touch choose Dr. Jenifer Back – you’ll be glad you did.”

Steve Schadt

“Most thorough dental exam I’ve ever had. Expert and cordial staff. Spa quality surroundings. Engenders high level of confidence in quality of care..”

Richard Moskovitz

“Just had a wonderful experience at the Sarasota Smile Design. Dr. Back was excellent as was her assistant Barb. I called their office shortly after 8:30 a.m. to advise that I had a filling come out. I was able to get in at 11:00 a.m. They did their exam and I was in need of a crown with a 50/50 chance of having to have a root canal. But Dr. Back was able to get to the cavity and did not have to have the root canal. I was very happy with the professional service that I was given. Everyone in the office was so nice and friendly. I’ve found my new Dentist for Florida.”

Bill Bear

“Very inviting office atmosphere. I felt very relaxed and everybody was so friendly and helpful.”

Diana Owens

“Great staff,facility and care. I am glad I found a new dentist for my family and myself”

Jim Frost

“Sarasota Smile Design staff and practitioners are always friendly and kind. They provide the best dental work in the area!”

Nancy Ragland

“My experience these past two visits have been positive and pleasant. The friendliness, thoroughness and competency of staff is recognized and appreciated. Believe I have received up scale, quality care.”

Christine Schwindt

“I can think of many things that I would rather do, but Dr. Back and the entire staff at Sarasota Smile Design always make me feel like I’m having a spa day! Thank you for your abundant amount of patience and your smiling faces. ”

Kelly Mooney

“I recently received my dental work from Sarasota Smile Design. I have always been afraid of the dentist, but this experience was unlike any other I have had before. Great and comforting staff, wonderful atmosphere and the MOST important 100% customer dedication! I highly recommend this office for any and all dental needs. ”

Alex Makar

“The experience that I had at Sarasota Smile Design was fantastic. I went to 3 different dental offices for consultations on major dental work that I needed. All 3 were relatively the same in procedure and cost. I choose Sarasota Smile Design because they really seemed to care and took the time to explain everything that needed to be done. And now after having all the work complete, I’m glad I choose them. Not only do I have a great new smile, a follow up program to insure my teeth stay healthy, I found a Dentist that I feel comfortable going to…Thanks Sarasota Smile Design ”

Randy Olsen

“My experience was wonderful!!!!! I will never go to another dental office ever. Everyone is pleasant, caring, and understanding. They go out of their way to make sure you have a comfortable experience. I highly recommend Dr. Back and her staff at Sarasota Smile Design. ”

Emily Thompson

“I knew I found my new dentist home the moment I walked in! Dr. Back and her team are 100% dedicated on making sure you have an amazing experience. From pillows to warm blankets and even aroma therapy oils to sooth and relax yourself. First time ever I actually get excited to go to the dentist!! If your looking for the best…Look no further.”

Travis Scheuer

“Dr. Back is the best dentist ever! I’ve always had a fear of dentists, but this is more like a relaxing spa treatment. She is kind, friendly and makes you feel as though you have been her best friend forever. I can’t say enough good things about her staff. They are on top of everything and greet you by name as you walk in and are very quick and knowledgeable about insurance, etc, There are no surprises as far as what your treatment plan is, and the amounts you pay and the insurance pays. But, more than that it is the cleanest dentist office I have ever been to. So, my fear is perhaps deep rooted (no pun) about dentist, but now I know I have a good one on my side.
Love this place and would recommend it to everyone who ever feared or disliked going to the dentist.

Stacy Kurnot

“Clean/pretty office, friendly staff, & I was given a very through cleaning. They definitely gained a patient for as long as they’re open.”

Kimberly Dearden

“Dr. Back is amazing!! She treats her patients like the rarest diamonds! I love going to work every day and sit beside such an extraordinary dentist. I have been a dental assistant for 13 years and I have never seen such amazing dental treatment provided. Dr. Back’s profession is dentistry but her true passion is providing exceptional dental care to the world’s greatest patients!!”

Sara Makar

“There are NOT enough words to explain the fulfillment of satisfaction beyond belief of Dr. Back’s practice! She has a wonderful team of players that makes YOU feel right at home. My experience here at Smile Design is one that I will always have good feelings about and I highly recommend ANYONE who is looking for any dentist work. She is a perfectionist in all categories, whether crowns veneers etc, She makes sure YOU feel special and that you are completely satisfied. When you are there you do feel you are in the best of hands because she will make it ALL right for you! ”

Lisa T

“I love Dr .Back and the staff at Sarasota Smile Design! I used to be scared to go to the dentist but they are so friendly and gentle. Thanks so much! Highly recommend! ”

Kristen Lukacs

“Dr. Back is a fantastic dentist! I recommend her to all my friends and family.”

Mark Figueredo

“I work here at Sarasota Smie design for Dr. Jenifer Back. She is truly an outstanding dentist. I love coming to work every day! Dr. Back cares for her patients like no other dentist/dr. She really knows the meaning of loving her profession! It shows through the smiles on our patients faces I see every day!! You are amazing Dr. Back! It’s been a wonderful two years working with you!!!!!”

Christine Fordham

“I went to Jennifer Back’s dental office for a teeth whitening procedure and loved the attention I received! While having my mouth spread open for 3 15 minute treatments I was constantly looked in on by her staff “Can I get you a pillow”, “would you like a blanket?”, “are you comfortable”….my answer was yes to all the questions and I had a relaxing and positive experience with Dr. Back and her staff! Would recommend to anyone!”

Kimberlie MacDonald

“I can honestly say this has been the best dental experience I have had since I was a child. The office is extremely professional and Dr. Back is top notch and one of a kind. She is a perfectionist and will not rest until you are satisfied. ”


“Dr. Back and her staff provide the quality dental care that all patients deserve. Extremely professional, caring, and efficient. I’ve been using Dr. Back since moving here in 2006, and have always been extremely satisfied with each visit. I highly recommend Sarasota Smile Design, Dr. Back, and her staff. Patients are their priority! Thanks Dr. Back! ”

“Just got out of my first appointment and I can honestly say I’ve never had such an amazing experience at a dentist’s office. Didn’t think I’d ever say I was looking forward to my next dentist appointment and cleaning! Great, friendly, and caring staff! ”