One of the things that people desire most is a great smile. A great smile can make you appear more attractive, happy and confident. But what makes a great smile?

The condition of your teeth will certainly play a big role in how your smile looks but it’s not the only factor. With modern cosmetic dentistry it’s possible for even those with severely discolored or misshapen teeth to make them much more aesthetically pleasing. However there are certain things you can do to improve your smile that don’t require you to drastically change the appearance of your teeth.


Below are some of the main factors that contribute to a great smile.

1. Cleanliness

You want to be sure that when you smile your teeth look at their best and you don’t have any pieces of food in them. Brushing and flossing regularly will help to ensure your teeth are clean and look great when you smile.

2. Width

Width is another big secret to a great smile. If your smile is narrow then your back teeth will be hidden and not show the progression from your front teeth to the back. Try to practice increasing the width of your smile in the mirror without it looking unnatural.

3. Avoid staining foods and drinks

There are certain types of food and drinks that you definitely want to avoid if you want to keep your teeth and in turn your smile, looking great. Drinks to avoid are coffee and red wine. They can both discolor your teeth and lead to staining. As far as foods go, you should avoid anything that contains a lot of processed sugar, since this leads to decay.

4. Good posture

Although posture isn’t directly related to your smile, you’ll look more confidence and happy when you have good posture so this is certainly something you want to work on.

5. Aim for a natural smile

Many people find that when they smile, especially in pictures, it looks forced and unnatural. This is usually because they’re smiling only with their mouth and not their eyes. When a smile is natural the muscles around your eyes contract as well as those around your mouth. Try to be aware of this when smiling if you want to look more natural.

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