1. You Are Unhappy With Your Smile
  2. Your smile is often noted as the first thing others notice about you. If you feel that your teeth are chipped, yellow, crowded, etc., you should consider the possibilities of cosmetic dentistry. You deserve to feel proud when you show your smile to others. Do not hide your teeth any longer!

  3. You Have Crooked Teeth
  4. Depending on the severity of the misalignment, crooked teeth can be fixed without extreme measures such as braces or headgear. There are several alternatives on the market today including porcelain veneers and Invisalign. Set up a consultation with Dr. Back In Sarasota, FL to discuss your options.

  5. Your Teeth Are Yellow
  6. Your lifestyle may be causing your teeth to stain and yellow over time. Anyone who drinks coffee, tea, or soda is going to have to deal with the effects of dark liquid contacting the teeth and causing stains. Substances with color such as mustard, ketchup, or fruits will soak into the pores of your enamel and will remain there until to you take action to remove them. We all enjoy consuming different foods and beverages but that does not mean we have to settle for dingy looking teeth. Today’s technology offers a variety of whitening treatments that Dr. Back can safely apply for you. Say goodbye to the yellow!

  7. You Want To Boost Your Confidence
  8. There is no doubt that confidence is a tool for success. If you are not confident in your appearance, this insecurity will translate to others. Your teeth are not something that should hold you back, especially when there are so many options and alternatives on the market to rectify any tooth problem. Have a smile you can be proud of!

  9. You Will Be Photographed
  10. It is 2017 and we live in the world of social media. People are snapping photos all around us and you do not want to run and hide due to a messy smile. Be able to join the family photos, take a professional headshot, or upload your success on Instagram. Have a smile that shines!

  11. You Are Missing Teeth
  12. If you are missing teeth, Dr. Back can help you. Accidents happen. Missing teeth due to injury, disease, or lack of care, is no longer a reason to live the rest of your life with a giant hole in your smile. Implants and prosthetics have come a long way. The procedures can be done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying the complete smile you once had.

  13. Improve Your Overall Health
  14. Your dental health directly affects your overall health. Infections in mouth can lead to a variety of issues and spread to other parts of your body. Dr. Back is extremely experienced in a variety of dental issues. She can assess your problem and set up a plan to get you back to health!