About the Office

Going to the dentist, although necessary for your health, is not something most patients look forward to. Often patients have horror stories about previous dentist offices’ that make them cautious when trying out any other practices. At Sarasota Smile Design we want to put those feelings of fear about visiting the dentist in the past. We provide you with the highest quality services while keeping your comfort and satisfaction as our top priority.

This can be seen from the moment you enter our office and you are warmly greeted by our front desk staff. Our office features a guest lobby with gourmet coffee, hot tea, and homemade cookies. We also have a massage room, with a professional massage chair, to help calm our patients. This chair also features theater surround sound. Our private guest lounge offers free internet access and use of our plasma television as well.

Your relaxation doesn’t end when you leave the lobby. While you are in the exam chair we want to make sure you feel comforted and pampered. You will be offered a pillow and a blanket to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. We also have the relaxing fragrances of essential oils to allow you to destress during your exam.

Although your comfort is very important to us, it is also essential that we provide you with the best services to ensure the health of your teeth. We use the most innovative technology to provide you with the best results. We utilize digital x-rays and cameras, cosmetic imagining, and non-invasive cameras to give you the best treatments for healthy teeth and gums.

Dr. Jennifer Back

Our lead dentist at Sarasota Smile Design, Dr. Jennifer C. Back, is the driving force behind the compassion and knowledge that our practice provides to our patients. Dr. Back has practiced exclusively in Sarasota, Florida since graduating from Kentucky University in 1995. Committed to providing her patients with the highest quality services, she still continues to take hundreds of hours of education. She also teaches at the Nash Institute, a training facility for cosmetic dentistry. She has been published in many national journals as well, such as Woman Dentist Journal.

Dr. Back’s requirement for perfection is visible both in her office and in her work. She succeeded in her goal of making a difference in the way patients experience dental care. When performing work on a patient she takes into account their age, sex, face shape, and personality to create the perfect smile for them. She is able to achieve this by using a variety of innovative techniques. The satisfaction of her patients is extremely important, and she always goes above and beyond to make sure that they have the best results. Dr. Back finds it personally rewarding to create flawless smiles for her patients.

Services We Provides

At Sarasota Smile Design we provide you with the highest quality dental services. These include cosmetic treatments, reconstructive dentistry, and full smile makeovers.

Treatments that are considered cosmetic dentistry are any procedures that enhance the appearance of your teeth, gums, or bite. Our cosmetic treatments include gum reshaping. This is when the gum line is restructured to repair an irregular or gummy smile. Teeth whitening is another cosmetic service we provide. This is popular because the results of a brighter smile are usually seen after just one session. We also provide products that can help straighten gapped, overlapped, or unevenly spaced teeth such as Invisalign. Products like these, are clear and straighten teeth without discomfort and are not visible to others. Veneers are another common cosmetic treatment that we provide. Veneers cover any teeth that are discolored, have chips, or cracks.

Reconstructive dentistry is considered any treatment that restores the appearance and or function of your teeth and mouth. An example of this would be a dental implant. A dental implant is used as a natural looking alternative to dentures to replace missing teeth. Another example of reconstructive dentistry is dental crowns. Dental crowns are attached over existing teeth that are stained or damaged. Crowns can actually help to lessen the pain accompanying damaged teeth. Dentures are another form of reconstructive dentistry. These are replacements for teeth that have been extracted due to decay or infection. Dentures appear very natural and are a good option for patients who have had many of their teeth removed.

A full smile makeover usually includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures to correct any issues with your smile. This is often a combination of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry treatments that were talked about above. These include dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, and replacing silver fillings with white fillings.

Our Patient’s Reviews

Feedback from our patients is very important to us. The most common review that our patients give our office is that they actually look forward to returning. This is quite the compliment for a dentist office, since most people dread a visit to the dentist. Some patients have even said that they feel like they are “coming home” when they are entering our office. Our patients love the luxurious touches of the blankets, pillows, and massage chairs. One patient stated in their review that they felt that they were being treated like “royalty”.
They also appreciate the knowledge and skill that Dr. Back provides to ensure the best services are being offered to them. Patients are able to feel calm because Dr. Back takes the time to explain each procedure in detail. It is also special how well Dr. Back listens to all of her patients concerns and answers all of their questions. This is an important quality of a respectable doctor.

In a review left by a patient she referred to her experience as going to a “spa for her teeth”. This truly does sum up the relaxing and luxurious experience that Sarasota Smile Design provides while caring for the health of your teeth. We want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible while you receive the highest quality service.