Teeth whitening is something that a lot of people consider at least once in their lifetime- especially if they love to smile and the color of their teeth impacts on their self-confidence. With so many methods of whitening available on the market, it can be difficult to choose a product that will give you the results you’re looking for.

Some teeth whitening kits can cause permanent damage to teeth and there’s no way to really tell which products are safe to use. That’s why, in order for tooth whitening to be carried out safely and correctly, the best option is to visit a dentist and ask them to perform the procedure instead.

What is teeth whitening?
Teeth whitening is the process of whitening and removing stains from the teeth by using a bleaching agent. When activated by light, the bleach whitens the teeth leaving you with a whiter and brighter smile.

It is a painless procedure that provides instant results.

How is it completed?
Before the whitening process can begin, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your teeth and that any food debris has been removed.

A mold of your teeth is first taken by the dentist. This mold will be used to evenly apply the bleaching agent to your teeth. Next, a gel is applied to the areas of the gum surrounding each tooth, which protects them from the bleaching agent. The bleaching agent is then applied using the mold of your teeth and light is used to activate the bleaching agent. After a while, the mold is removed.

Once the process is complete, the results will be noticeable immediately.

Things to consider before having your teeth whitened
Just like any other aesthetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration before having your teeth whitened.

Side Effects
In most cases, teeth whitening comes with no side effects and is a safe and effective way of improving the appearance of the teeth. However, occasionally, the procedure can cause sensitivity and soft tissue irritation in the first 24 hours after it’s completed. This usually subsides after a day but if the side effects continue, it’s best to consult your dentist.

Achievable Results
Teeth whitening can restore teeth to their original color and make them ten shades lighter than their current shade. Nevertheless, the color achieved by whitening is dependent on the current color and condition of your teeth.

The better condition your teeth are in, the better your results will be, so make sure that any ongoing oral issues have been resolved prior to treatment.
The results you should expect to achieve should have been discussed with you at your consultation.

Not Permanent
Although teeth whitening can provide fantastic results for those who choose to have it done, these results are not permanent.

Teeth become stained and discolored over time because of the food and drink we consume on a daily basis. Having your teeth whitened removes this discoloration but does not prevent it from happening again in future.

This means that in order to maintain a bright white smile, you will need to have several teeth whitening treatments over your lifetime.

What are the benefits?
The biggest benefit of undergoing teeth whitening treatment is improved self-confidence and self-esteem.

Teeth are one of the most noticeable features of a person’s mouth. They are visible when talking, smiling and laughing. If your teeth are discolored and have a negative impact on how confident you feel in yourself, teeth whitening treatment provides the perfect solution.

You’ll be left with a brighter, whiter and more beautiful smile that will give you the confidence you need to feel like yourself again.

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