Danger Signs of a Bad Dentist

When you’re looking for a great dentist in Sarasota, there are some obvious things to consider – the training and experience of the dentist, where their office is located, the services offered, and of course – cost.

In addition to knowing the things you want from a dentist however, you should also know the warning signs of a bad dentist. Although most dentists take pride in their job and put the needs of their patients first, there are unfortunately some bad apples out there.

Below are some signs of a bad dentist to look out for –

Unwillingness to disclose training and/or experience
This is a very bad sign. Any credible dentist will want people to know exactly where they trained and how much experience they have. If you find that a dentist is unwilling to divulge this information then it’s definitely time to look elsewhere.

Bad chairside manner
Regardless of how well trained or experienced a dentist might be; if their chairside manner is poor it is not something you should simply overlook. Many people find visiting their dentist to be a nerve-wracking experience in the first place, so it’s the dentist’s job to put you at ease and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Your dental records are not requested
One of the first things that should happen when you contact a new dentist to make an appointment is that they request your dental records. Although a good dentist will be able to identify any problems that need addressing immediately, it’s still important for them to have access to your old dental records so they can view any X-rays you’ve had that might reveal any developing problems.

They’re using out-dated technology
Dentistry is a field that’s always advancing and therefore a warning sign to look out for is if a dentist is using a lot of old technology. For example, digital X-ray technology is always preferable. It is not only more accurate, but it also exposes you to much less radiation than traditional X-ray machines. If you see a dental office still using film X-ray machines, it is probably a good sign that the practice is behind the times

Poor customer reviews
The internet has made it very easy to look up services online and see how they’re rated. You should use Google to your advantage and try to find reviews for the dentists you’re considering. A good dentist with experience and respect in the area will have no shortage of positive reviews from satisfied patients.
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