Choosing a Sarasota Dentist FAQ

What should I look for in a new dentist?

Some of the most important things to pay attention to when looking for a new dentist are –

  • Their training and experience
  • What their office is like
  • What services they offer
  • Their prices
  • How friendly their staff are

What is the best way to find a new dentist in Sarasota?

One of the best ways to find a Sarasota dentist is by asking friends and family for recommendations. Personal recommendations are great but you should still do your own research and find out if a dentist is right for you by seeing what services they offer, where they’re located and the cost.

How do I find out what training and experience a dentist has?

A lot of dentists will make it clear what training and experience they have on their website. If it’s not available then you can also check the state dental board website.

Failing this, you can simply call the dental office and ask what training and experience the dentist has. Any good dentists will be happy to provide you with this information.

What are the warning signs of a bad dentist?

Some clear warning signs of a bad dentist are –

  • They have a bad chairside manner and are not forthcoming with advice
  • Their staff are unfriendly/unhelpful
  • They have many bad reviews online
  • They seem rushed or short during their appointments

Is technology important?

Yes. Technology is hugely important in the field of dentistry. Advancements are being made all the time and a good dentist will incorporate new technologies in their practice. That being said the best dentist is not always the one with the newest technology. The skill of the dentist using the technology is always more important than the technology itself. Be careful of under experienced dentists who boast about having the latest technology to attract patients.

Should I book an appointment before making a decision?

Yes, it’s nearly always recommended to make an appointment with a dentist you’re considering. Only then will you know for sure that you’re satisfied with their services.

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