Dr. Jenifer C. Back and Sarasota Smile design are proud to be a featured cosmetic dentist in New Beauty Magazine. Below are some excerpts from the article:

Cosmetic Dentistry Philosophy

Dr. Jenifer C. Back recognizes that each patient comes to her with a unique background all their own. “I befriend my patients and try to learn their stories so they feel like they are visiting a trusted friend,” says Dr. Back, who mentors other dentists in advanced aesthetic techniques at the Nash Institute for Dental Learning. In addition to extensive experience and customized treatments, Dr. Back’s patients benefit from limousine services to and from their dental appointments, complimentary lunch during full-day appointments, pillows, aromatherapy and even complimentary massages.

My mission is to create a natural look, with multiple shades and layers so that the end result is not only white—but beautiful and real-looking, too.

Custom Creations

Sarasota Dentist, Dr. Back is unique in her approach, setting out to change as little as possible. “Sure, I can give patients a bright, gleaming Hollywood-white smile, where all of the teeth whitening are stark and opaque-looking; but who wants that nowadays? My mission is to create a natural look, with multiple shades and layers so that the end result is not only white—but beautiful and real-looking, too.” More and more patients come to Dr. Back requesting a smile makeover that reflects their unique style and fits their individual features. “There was a time when patients were coming to me with celebrity smile photos, but now they truly see the benefits of having a smile makeover tailor-made for them,” Dr. Back says. “My patients want to reach their personal best so we create a unique blueprint to help them get how to view private instagram profiles without following no survey there.”

A Lasting Impression

In preparation for her daughter’s wedding, this 54-year-old replaced her old porcelain-fused-to-metal bridges with all-porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers. “Her smile was dazzling, and she looked beautiful at the wedding. The confident smile she had wished for was hers, preserved in wedding photos and memories that last a lifetime,” says Dr. Back.

Collaborative Co-Designing

If you sat for a portrait, a painter would use brushstrokes to capture and enhance your visage. Using Photoshop and her knowledge of Cosmetic Dentistry Sarasota, Dr. Back can do the same for your smile. After taking your before images, Dr. Back works on them digitally during a custom-design imaging consultation. “Rather than inserting a smile on the patient’s image, I work on the photo tooth by tooth,” she says. “I can tell during evaluation what is possible so this simulation can help you visualize your potential results.” Dr. Back asks about preferences for color and shape and then makes a 3-D model of the teeth to review. Temporary restorations are also made for you to wear and discuss with Dr. Back, and before final placement, there is a “try in” appointment where changes can still be made if you’re not completely satisfied. “We call it co-designing because we spend time creating your smile together,” she says.

Stunning Cosmetic Dentistry Results

“Our 47-year-old patient wasn’t happy with her ‘nice teeth,’ as they had yellowed and dulled. After careful consideration, we performed a cosmetic makeover with porcelain veneers. Now her smile is stunning,” Dr. Back says.