Veeners - Sarasota Smile Design

Megawatt smile

Sarasota, FL, cosmetic dentist Jenifer C. Back, DMD, worked with Lisa to cocreate her new smile. After establishing a treatment plan, Lisa received a comprehensive exam that included X-rays, impressions and documentation of all of her teeth, gums, chewing muscles and joints. Dr. Back says, “These steps ensure that our results are not just beautiful but long-lasting as well.” The next appointment began with the removal of 1 to 1.5 millimeters of surface from each of the teeth that would be fitted with trial veneers. Adjustments were taken into account before the temporary plastic veneers were made. Dr. Back explains, “This process allows the patient to feel comfortable about how their new smile will look. The temporary veneers are plastic but most patients are excited about the improved smile they leave with on that day.” At the next appointment, permanent veneers were bonded to Lisa’s teeth.