Seeing a dentist who works with you (not on you) opens up an entirely new world of smile enhancement for anyone who has ever wondered if Cosmetic Dentistry Sarasota “is right for me.” Jenifer C. Back, D.M.D., carries out cosmetic procedures, from whitening to major restorations, which are completely customized and personalized to the individual in every possible way.

Each patient’s own hopes and plans for an attractive, healthy smile are planned and implemented in a carefully considered process that Sarasota dentist, Dr. Back, guarantees virtually for life. The process is called collaborative code signing.

Collaborative code signing brings together Dr. Back’s conservative, health-first approach to cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry with patient-centered planning in order to achieve the specific look each client wants. Collaborative code signing has earned Dr. Back the professional respect of colleagues across the board as well as the admiration and gratitude of patients who have been recommending her to others for over two decades.

I befriend my patients and try to learn their stories so they feel like they are visiting a trusted friend and then work with them to co-design their unique, ideal smile.

Collaboration begins with a series of steps for the co-designers, patient and doctor together. First, the general goal is established. Using an array of visual aids, the patient personally guides Dr. Back to the desired look. That look might be a dazzling “Hollywood smile” or one that is indistinguishable from nature itself. More often, it’s somewhere in between. The perfect dental make over plan starts at the exact point that marks each client’s unique aspiration for the facial feature that communicates intelligence, friendliness, and success.

Once the patient has considered the options – often many more than first imagined! – and has specified the exact appearance desired, Dr. Back continues the technical side of her collaboration. She creates the patient’s plan tooth by tooth using a Photoshop-like computer program. In this stage, a typical planning model uses a book of prefabricated smiles that can be attached to an image of the patient’s face. The actual outcome of this a cookie-cutter approach can be unpredictable at best and awful at worst.

Instead, Dr. Back’s computer software uses images of the patient’s face plus images of the underlying jaw, neck, mouth, and bone structure. This gives doctor and client the advantage of being able to see with nearly absolute clarity how each tooth will appear in its restored or enhanced form and as a component in the final, completed smile – a smile as unique and personal as the person behind it.

Dr. Back’s Collaborative Codesigning is carried out in a beautiful, welcoming setting that evokes a resort spa, the complete opposite of typical dentistry environments. Patients are welcomed to Sarasota Smile Design with genuine warmth. They receive the care and pampering that can completely eradicate all the anxiety that people often associate with oral medicine.

The warmth of Dr. Back’s practice isn’t a façade overlaid on a traditional practice setting, but a holistic approach to healing embraces the whole person. From aromatherapy and massage to gentle medication and one-on-one attention, every aspect of a client’s well-being and comfort are anticipated, considered and valued by the staff and doctor.

Cosmetic and restoration dentistry with Dr. Back at her Sarasota practice on 3800 Clark Road includes a full range of Smile Design Dental Center services: whitening, veneers, implants (mini and full), bonding, invisible fillings, contouring, gum surgery, accelerated orthodontics, bridges, fixed and partial dentures and more. And, not all patients are there for the cosmetics. Dr. Back and her staff offer the same level of expertise to general dental-care patients who return year after year for routine cleanings, checkup, and oral hygiene.

Jenifer C. Back, D.M.D. graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in 1995. She teaches functional Cosmetic Dentistry Sarasota as an instructor at the prestigious Nash Institute in Charlotte, N.C., an internationally recognized center for advanced and specialized dentistry training and education. She is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, the Florida Association of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry as well as many local and regional professional groups in the Sarasota, Fla., area.

Dr. Back is CEO and lead practitioner at Sarasota Smile Design. Her partners in practice include Jacques L. Esclangon, D.D.S., an internally recognized expert in cleft palate, dental surgery, occlusions, and TMJ syndrome; and Dearl C. Duncan, D.D.S., Emory University (Atlanta), who recently joined Sarasota Smile Design after 32 years in private practice in Bradenton.

Dr. Back and Sarasota Smile Design have a Facebook page where the doctor answers questions about cosmetic dentistry and best practices in the field. She has been featured in numerous professional magazine reports and reviews, and is the five-time recipient of top expert awards from New Beauty Magazine.

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Official Press Release (PDF): Sarasota Dentist – Collaborative Codesign – 20150413