Designing the Perfect Smile

One of the things that cosmetic dentists are most interested in is how they can create a perfect smile. Patients choose to get cosmetic work done on their teeth because they want to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to their teeth. But what is it that makes a perfect smile?

Below are some of the key factors.


Incisal position

The incisors are the two main upper teeth that are most visible when you smile and talk. Getting the size, shape and balance of the incisors right is key to a perfect smile. A good cosmetic dentist will think about how much of the incisors should show when a person is relaxed, is smiling and has a wide grin.


Symmetry is always important when it comes to achieving a great smile. The teeth should look as symmetrical as possible in size, shape and positioning. Many patients seek out cosmetic work because their teeth are crooked or misshapen so aiming for the most amount of symmetry possible is certainly a big key to a perfect smile.

The right shade

The color is another big secret to a perfect smile. Many people have stained teeth due to a bad diet and drinking staining drinks such as coffee and red wine. Whitening can be achieving through the use of teeth whitening products or by using veneers. Porcelain veneers are particularly useful for achieving the right shade since they’re stain-resistant.


Embrasures are simply the small triangular shapes that exist at the bottom of the teeth where they separate. People often don’t think much about embrasures when they picture a perfect set of teeth but they actually play a big role.


When it comes to designing a great smile, cosmetic dentists don’t only have to think about the size, shape and color of a patient’s teeth but also how well proportion they are. The visible teeth should gradually reduce in size as they recede in order to be aesthetically pleasing.

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