More and more Americans are choosing to travel outside the U.S. for their dental needs. Patients hope to receive dental work at a discounted rate while exploring a new and exotic land away from the stresses of life at home.

The idea sounds great until patients start to deal with the complications of international travel and international dentists. The schooling and qualifications needed to open a dental practice widely vary from country to country; making it difficult for patients to know the exact level of experience and expertise they are going to receive. Couple this uncertainty with possible language complications, changes in currency exchange rates, and the fact that patients needing follow-up visits or repairs after their initial procedure would likely have to make more expensive trips abroad, and the decision to get dental work done outside of the U.S. becomes quite risky.

Fortunately, patients who choose Sarasota Smile Design can get many of the benefits these international travelers are looking for without any of the drawbacks. The pricing options at Sarasota Smile Design are lower than in most major metro areas, and the numerous, nationally recognized accreditations held by Dr. Jenifer Back ensure that your smile is in the most qualified of hands. By choosing Sarasota, with it’s own airport and no shortage of charming places to stay, you can skip the hassle and expense of international travel, yet still feel as if you have been transported to a tropical paradise. Between Sarasota Smile Design’s luxurious spa atmosphere and Sarasota’s soft sandy beaches, you can return home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, instagram online search with a great smile to match!

Whether you are planning an extended stay or just a quick vacation, our experienced team at Sarasota Smile Design can fit a dental procedure into any length trip. Get a complete smile makeover in as little as 2-3 weeks, or depending on your individual needs we can accelerate your case and get you a new smile ASAP. Contact our office at 941-927-5411 and we’ll create a plan for your new smile during your next vacation.